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Cash Rebate is a very simple scheme – to generate funds for your cricket club every time the club, or your members buy any cricket kit, equipment, team-wear, trophies from the comprehensive product range available. Funds are paid directly back to the club account on a rebate basis at the end of each season. It costs the Club nothing to join!

We offer VK cricket equipment, a range of Coaching gear, Team- wear, Cricket Balls and Cricket trophies. The more the Club or member spends with us the higher the rebate will be.

The Club will also have the benefit of an VK Ambassador who will act as the main link between Club and our company. He / she will provide the necessary arrangements to progress product lines that may be of interest to the club. Brochures are available for VK gear, Coaching gear, Team-wear and Trophies. If you do not have an VK Ambassador soft copies can be requested from

To help increase sales linked to the club we can now offer the Club and its members a bespoke On-line club shop. Members can purchase all goods and team-wear direct from their own shop. Once a Club is signed up to “Cash Builder” it is quite simple for the on-line club shop to be activated but it is not automatic. It is critical when a new Club Shop is set up that each product, variable color and price is 100% correct. So the time spent to ensure the shop is accurate is well spent. Attention to detail is paramount.

To make the most of “Cash Builder”, the club needs to Identify at least one person in the club to “champion” and promote the idea within the club, collate orders from members and encourage the use of the on-line VK shop link:

Arrange at least two dates pre-season for VK to showcase and sell cricket kit at the club.
An example would be Junior registration night.
Distribute VK promotional material to all members, players and parents. All material is provided by VK Sports(UK).


The Club will earn the following rebates which contribute to the Cash Builder Bonus:


7.5% on team-wear which includes training, playing and casual. This is either a bulk Club order or members purchasing through the Club on-line shop
15% on VK cricket gear, whether ordered by the Club or individual player (on-line)
7.5% on VK Cricket Coaching gear
5% on non VK Cricket Coaching gear.
5% on Cricket Trophies
5% on Cricket Balls

VK Spports has got many successful relationships with other clubs who enjoy the benefits of Cash Rebate by coordinating the supply of cricket kit through the club, Cash Builder is designed to help cricket clubs purchase quality products from a single supplier and receive cash back. In fact your members will actually be giving back to your club. On joining you will receive the official VK price list, in addition to our latest “Team-wear “ brochure and Coaching gear pack. We review our prices every month to ensure that VK is very competitive on everything we sell.

This new loyalty scheme is geared to a much closer relationship between the Club and VK Sports UK. It is very much a partnership. Working with the club an achievable plan is agreed by both parties. It will include:

• Clear identification of a Club Champion under the Cash Rebate scheme
   • Key dates in the Club cricket calendar.
• Realistic estimates of club spend under different product categories:
   • SM cricket equipment
   • VK cricket coaching gear
   • VK team-wear
   • Trophies
   • Cricket Balls
      • This translates into a target financial rebate to the club:
• VK guarantee an amount of sponsorship
• The plan confirms target revenue for the year which is managed by both the club and VK Sports at each stage of the year.
• Objective is that the club has both achieved both its financial objectives and working with VK Cricket UK has provided quality coaching and support across all age –groups within the club.
   • A truly inspiration partnership providing quality at fair prices.

Club Cash Rebate – VK Sports UK
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